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The following links are to articles written in various papers surrounding the course of actions occurring with the death of Stacy Green.

Nov. 2, 2004 .....Stacy, David and the kids have dinner together....after dinner and after the kids are put to bed, Stacy and David sit down to talk about getting back together......after they talk, David goes back home.

Nov. 3, 2004 ....Wednesday morning, David green called Stacys house, the 5 year old son answered the phone, when David asked to speak with Stacy, he was told that she was on the floor...David than called 911 and left work to go to Stacys house.

Police and Parametics arrived around 8AM, and found Stacy on the kitchen floor.

David Green did say that they did have dinner last night, and she was ok when he left Stacy's house the night before.

Pregnant woman beaten to death....Nov. 6, 2004

Homicide suspect released...Nov. 8, 2004

November 7, 2004...Soon after Stacy and Baby Nates wake was started, it was changed to CLOSED CASKET.

November 8, 2004...During the middle of Stacy and Baby Nates eulogy, 5 members of Stacy and Baby Nates family left, other members were unhappy but stayed.....When asked later if he had said that Stacy was a sinner till she was 18, the pastor that gave the eulogy said, "No". 

Mother, Unborn son laid to rest...Nov 9, 2004

Unborn son's death also a homicide...Nov 10, 2004

Coroner's disclosure generates new witness...Nov. 11, 2004

Stacy Green will always be remembered as kind, caring, free spirited & as always a wonderful mother...Nov 13, 2004

David Greens parents did go to court to get custody....after this was done, and they were awarded temporary custody, david did make his statement and was arrested and charged.

Husband charged in Griffith Slaying...Nov. 18,2004

Husband's hearing Monday in killings...March 8, 2005

Trial set for Griffith man accused of killing pregnant wife...March 8, 2005

Griffith man's murder trial postponed until October...April 1, 2005

Dead woman's medical records ordered released...May 11, 2005

Co-worker: man was calm the night wife killed...June 30, 2005

Griffith Homicide: Judge to decide today if husband stays in jail...July 1, 2005

Judge grants bail in wifes death...July 2, 2005

Muast, Green, Britt trials postponed to next year...Oct. 5 2005

Bryan Robinson from ABC News, wrote an article titled Why Pregnant Women Become Murder Victims. This article was written more than a year before Stacy was murdered and may have been written because of general intrest in the murder of Laci Peterson, by her husband Scott. And does pose some interesting questions, not about the murder itself, but, the events leading up to it.

This article was taken from the NWI Times, November 13th, 2004 edition, after the original article on November 6th, the news coverage was mostly localized to the Lake County, Indiana edition.  Stacy Green will always be remembered as kind, caring, free spirited & as always a wonderful mother.

Griffith Murder Trial Postponed...Thursday March 2, 2006

Jury Selection in Murder Case Begins Today ... August 14, 2006 (Northwest Indiana News)

Attorney: Wife's Stabbing Traumatized Griffith Man ... August 15, 2006 (Northwest Indiana News)
Griffith man was at crossroads in romantic life ... August 16, 2006 (Northwest Indiana News)
911: Mommy's in a pool of blood ... August 16, 2006 (Post-Tribune Northwest Indiana)
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Murder defendant says wife stabbed herself ... August 17, 2006 (Northwest Indiana News)

'I just squeezed one time, hard' ... August 17, 2006 (Post-Tribune Northwest Indiana)
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Expert: 'Traumatic amnesia' stopped accused killer from helping dying wife ... August 18, 2006 (Northwest Indiana News)

Green guilty of murdering wife, unborn son ... August 19, 2006 (Northwest Indiana News)

Justices hear appeal in Griffith Slayings......November 30, 2007 (Northwest Indiana News)

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